Reviews for "Warlord"

Your work always catches my eye

Great job man love the picture the helmet could of used a little bit more detail, other then that great job

Interesting take.

On sheer concept, it's great on its on. But I'm just not feeling something really. Guy looks to be more of some sort of a tank and I'll be honest, I don't thing tanks are badass since they just soak it up. Nice designs on the sword and shield, and I think the horns are either too thin, or too long. And I think he's holding the sword the wrong way, bladed part faces down. And if this one was made to be a leader, shouldn't he have something more fitting? No offense, but I think a warlord would be wielding either a massive axe or a bloody sword. No shields since his minions would be meatshields.


thats awsum dude nice work


He is so bad-ass!


The head needs to be a little bit bigger.
and the design for the head is not matched with the toughness of the body and the sword and shield

>the head design(upper part) looks more suitable for a leader am I right?at least it means like that generally?
It is suitable for small shield and simple sword or at least smaller sword.

others are okay but can still be improve :)

but you kinda get your goal to give an eerie/scary approach keep up the good work :)