Reviews for "Enlightenment"

a great view on life

that was amazing i am so glad i found it whoever it is that can write like that must be a genuise.

Right On brother

I usually dont write reviews but this one really deserves it. you did a great job with blending your poetry with the music... im glad you didnt spend more time on the graphics as it would have taken the attention away from understanding the meanings of your poem. I thought it was great and keep it up.

Some Powerful Poetry

I was very impressed that I had to e mail this to a bunch of people. Also I voted this a number 5 because this was original, different, and mind blowing. Keep up the work

This is one of the best

This is probably one of the best works that NG has posted. The music goes great with what the author is trying to say...it just made me sit here and think for a little bit. This is definately quality.

To Xpert

Wow, just the mere fact that you call your self an expert in the field of which he speaks, makes you so egoic is sickening. Your the one that needs to rethink your life. I high doubt you even know how egoic you truly are.