Reviews for "Enlightenment"

This is a great movie in it's way

An excellent movie - I want that sound because I want to start a game soon and once I've figured it out I'd want that ,music. How'd ya do that?

So very real and intense, and overall great

I watched this, and tears came to my eyes. Not often does this come around. I have thought about much of this, and applied it to life. I cannot describe what I feel after watching this, this opens minds, and lets them flourish. I do feel more enlightened after watching this. And I hope everyone can agree with me, just take a moment, and reflect upon your life, as you watch this...i cannot say more....

simply awsome

This is truly one of the best portal entries i've ever seen man...awsome.I think about this stuff man,and I'm only 14, I think we all do. Whatever your goal was when you made this, rest assured, you have succeded.

Very enlightening

I just wanted to give this flash the credit it deserves...

This is one of the best I've seen here. It may not have the shiniest graphics, or the sex, violence, etc that most people flock to. It has depth and meaning, it makes you think... inspiration, creativity. And it takes guts to put a statement of your beliefs out for all to see. Kudos to you EvilTurtle. And, in my perspective, this is a very good statement of the truth.


Very Thoughtful