Reviews for "Enlightenment"

WoW just Wow!

nothing tops this movie/poem/extendedmetaphor/wh atever it is it is awesome!!! Loved the music, Loved every verse! Loved it all!
Please do more stuff like this, I need more!

a great view on life

that was amazing i am so glad i found it whoever it is that can write like that must be a genuise.

greates thing ever!!!!!!!!!!

I watch this everyday and I still enjoy it. I have even tryed to memorize it. I will give it a 5 everyday.

I liked it

I liked it man, don't know why but I did. The problem is that its to vague to meen anything. Its almost as if you assembled some words to make it sound cool.

Cool anyways.

what was that shit?

you are a retard turtle! to all others dont waste your time with this crap.