Reviews for "Enlightenment"

it was an honer to see this...

this movie got to me in more levels than one. i must of hung on every word the author was saying. it just may have changed the way i see things that go on around me. This has got to be the deepest and most influential movies EVER to hit newgrounds. I dont even like poetry but this one seemed to speak right to me. The only flaw about this movie is that i was unable to thank the author in person.......

why do people curse for no fucking reason?

I found this piece to be very good, I liked the overall tone and the backdrop of a monnlit night fit perfectly, it sickens me that people feel they need to gripe anout someone elses vision fitting there own. If it's so bad you have to mouth off about it, it's bad enough that you should do your own how you want.

I keep coming back.....

This movie is so awesome. I just keep coming back to see it again. It really makes you think. I love the music!!!


Wow. Deep. Thank you for making movies like this. Make the day a little better. Yours is one of my favorites in the entire Portal. Please create more of this greatness. ^_~"

Right On brother

I usually dont write reviews but this one really deserves it. you did a great job with blending your poetry with the music... im glad you didnt spend more time on the graphics as it would have taken the attention away from understanding the meanings of your poem. I thought it was great and keep it up.