Reviews for "Enlightenment"


i have to say ur poem is like a praze from god to my early state of mind i have found myslef to belive in almost everything u said i would like to say that this should stay on NG so that younger kids that go on this site should read it and learn from this should be on the front


this is great. personally i believe man places his faith in things of little significance then he collapses in dissapointment when things dont go his way. great philosophy.

One can't blame a man's thoughts...

...and for having the guts to lay his cards out on the table. Must admit, not the most exciting, efficient, nor the least obtuse way of expressing things that trouble someone inside, and on a technical note most of the file size is made up by the Rob D music, good soundtrack music that is driving but not in-your-face, however doesn't work as well when the visuals don't stand themselves out. but nonetheless, this is an honest man's views of the world, and another way of seeing things is always a good way.


Wisdom is hard to come by in these parts :)
Nice one.

Some Powerful Poetry

I was very impressed that I had to e mail this to a bunch of people. Also I voted this a number 5 because this was original, different, and mind blowing. Keep up the work