Reviews for "Enlightenment"

To Xpert

Wow, just the mere fact that you call your self an expert in the field of which he speaks, makes you so egoic is sickening. Your the one that needs to rethink your life. I high doubt you even know how egoic you truly are.

Oh dear god....you poor children.......

I am an expert in the field of which you speak. Never believe what you hear, universal truths (and only such) can never be disproven. But my professional, and non-official opinion is that you have the intellect and understanding of enlightenment of a 5 year old boy. And NO, I am not exagerating....maybe someday you will learn the truth, but continue down the path which you have embarked, and you will be destroyed by your higher self. Follow only what you are allowed to see, and see through they who would wield clouds as weapons. Be not a false prophet. And NO, I don't think you're preaching, but I fear for your soul. (Don't get me started on the existence of such a thing.) If the "me" even exists.......
-Shaolin Temple,

P.S. ONE PHRASE FOR YOU: It contains all the answers you seek......: The Celestine Prophecy.

Woah, my nerves tremble...

Let's get serious for a minute. Wether you're writing a sermon, a poem, or whatever, you're scaring people man. That's why they talk back so much to you, and that's why they're so ignorant.

I think you might want to change the way you articulate things. Not like in the night where everything is dark and scary, and there's some shadowy figure standing (you?), but something perhaps more patriotic. Something that would appeal more to the general public. Something with colors, red white and blue. Something with the sun shining through. Something that people will actually listen to with ease.

As you sleep to night, I, yes I want you to consider that if we all obeyed these kinds of enlightenment thingies, then we'd all be sacreligeous martyrs or something like that. I think you will find few who really care about the planet, chaos, anger, or rage. That's why I think this movie would appeal to psychos or skizophranics or something. Goths especially (They like the dark and shit like that).

Well, aside from that, this was a subliminaly scary movie that you made. I don't know what to think. Is this supposed to be scary or boring? Your mind is full of the strangest ideas for settings.

And by the way, next time, try actually making a movie to express your beleifs. Not many people like to read...

Inane and cliche

I agree with Force Morph. You are not hitting on anything profound enough to be called "enlightenment," you pretentious idiot. In spite of what you wrote above, this IS a sermon. There's enough Vogon poetry on the internet, but when you shit on someone else's site, it becomes televangelistic. Try actually animating something other than text.

Contradictions and stupidity.

Oh yes that was a wonderful waste of time... if the same hadnt been said by hundreds of stupid people trying to look good, this might look a bit more truthful. "Without order there is no chaos"! wow, words of a prophet! fear and anger keep people alive, they keep society going. neither society nor mankind is going to change anytime soon, nor has it changes since we got a TV and cars. we're too damn lazy now to look past the TV screen and see the flowers dying from nuclear radiation.

In the eternal words of me; kthxbyepwned.