Reviews for "Enlightenment"

Thank You!

Thank you for this. I hope you make more like this. You are very wise, with ideals that start revolutions for the better.


I know what you speak of, and many who do not react violent towards such things.

I wish i was so good with words, cause I'm not. We each have our skills.
Keep it up.


happy fifth birthday!!

that last guy who left a comment is an idiot

this flash kicked ass its good to know theres more people who know the truth, enlightenment is not a question but an answer learned in time

Hmn. Yoda he thinks he is

Lol. Ok, first off, the graphic blow. A few dots, a big circle, some oblong grey blocks (clouds?? im not sure.), a character (i think?) and some random quotes.

But if your trying to get a message accross, I can see why you dont want the graphics to obscure that.

But the message... woah. Yeh. What exactly are you trying to say? I mean, you go on about god, about decision and truth. But you never say anything definate. You do appear to have googled a tonne of random feel good quotes. Chicken soup for the twat. Please, feel free to make another, but try to do the following:
at least make the graphics worth downloading
make your message clear and definate. (not, uhm. do what you want)
dont steal quotes from Star Wars and alter the words abit (any one else knotice the Yoda quote?)

But if nothing else, your choice of music was pretty good.