Reviews for "Enlightenment"

Thats all very nice but...

Not everyone shares your views and is going to accept them as some great wisdom, this flash did nothing for me at all. The graphics were horrible, but the music was somewhat redeeming... Thats all it had going for it. I dont need an animation on newgrounds to getting me thinking about life, my surroundings, or the state of the world, if you do, I pity you.

be happy i gave you a 1

this was basically that suntan lotion thing that one idiot did.
if i'm searching for enlightenment i'll go to my local chinese restaurant and get a cookie.

the path

Really gives people something to think about.. where their life is going and where they will end up .. fate is the only constant standard in life .. without that, all one has to look forward to is death..

Did you choose the "being a faggot" path?

If you did, its ok. Just dont be posting this shit on newgrounds...listen to it while you wack off or something.

Nice work.

Bravo, BRAVO! You truly have a way with words. Those who do not like this movie, simply do not understand it.