Reviews for "Enlightenment"

This movie was awesome

My God, I have felt exactly the same way about our existence but was always on a break in my train of thought when I put it into words. Do you really mean what you say in the flash movie? Or did you just find it and make it into a movie. Man, the title was the perfect name for this. Well E-mail me Jesse Sky if you are reading this... MustChatNow@Aol.com I gave you a 5.

Give me a fucking break

Can you say "pretentious", children? Jesus Christ, philosophy is all well and good but this is ridiculous and much too long for its own good. Sorry, Jesse, better luck next time.

Not bad...

Decent movie... good poem-thing... good music... and you even got a biblethumper after you in the reviews... congratulations.

Nice movie

DAmn thats a good flash movie, good sound nice graphics and i like the message and everybody should vote a 5 for it know!!!! :) sorry for my bad english but im dutch so...

Interesting, but flawed...

Good music choice, and well-done graphics, but your philosophy is flawed. You are pretty much rehashing old New Age ideas. For example:
1. There is no God. In effect you are saying that "there is no supreme power, therefore I owe no alliance with Him. I am free to my own wishes." Why did your parents teach you through discipline? To mold your thoughts and behavior. That is why God wrote the Bible, as a guidline, and as a Book of hope for believers. Only a few parts of it were actually written for the unsaved, the rest was written to show the obediant what to do to serve Him.
2. Yes, there is a literal Heaven, and a literal Hell. Ask anyone who has had a NDE. What you are essentially saying is that only matter exists, which is clearly false. Ask yourself, why do we have feelings? Why do we love? Hate? Why is death so horrid, and life so valued? Clearly, more than matter or chemical reactions is at work in what you could call a "heart".
3. Fate. Yes, fate is a reality, but it is alterable. If your fate was to die in a car accident tonight, but I told you to go for a walk instead because I knew someone had slashed your brake lines, have I altered your fate, or merely saved you from a predictable death? The same works for Heaven and Hell. Right now you are doomed to eternal death in Hell, not because of what you have done, but because of who you are. You and I are both sinners, but I have chosen to accept Christ, while you continue to do things your own way. Your future is your own choice, alter it.
4. Man cannot be his own god, because what you are saying in essance is that you have the ability to define good or bad. You can't. Some rules are universal, unchangeable, and undeniable. Regardless of your own feelings, or anyone else's feelings, absolutes still exist.
Any questions, feel free to e-mail me.