Reviews for "Enlightenment"

nice job

alot of brains was put into this good job i enjoy this make some more i loved it

Hey you! Yeah you! the gothic hippy guy!

"With no order there is no chaos"
Oh really...well with no shoe I seem to misplace my left toe.
As for your little boo-hoo-biggity-pity-me speech in the beginning, I think I'll rate this a five! Why? Because of your stick-figure wearing the jnco pants, it really made me think about life, how more and more people are going gothic, depressing the rest of us, and boring the hell out of me with their life stories...(I had to watch it twice because my attention was caught by a bowl of soggy lucky charms)
Most of the time people make FUNNY stuff, or MOVING stuff, but what can I say about a single frame? Oh yeah sure, good poem, wasted a good 3 minutes of my life.
You put four new words in my vocabulary, and for that I will immortilize you by going outside and pissing your alias on the side of a tool shed.

Pure Crap

Why do I say pure crap? Let me explain.
(1)Your "poetry" is riddled with cliches and trite, hackneyed ideas. Everything you've written has been written a billion times by some no-talent, depressed fifteen year old trying to sound smarter than he/she really is. I suggest you take a few classes and learn the mechanics of poetry, learn what kinds of phrases to avoid, and learn how to structure your work so that it works both in structure and in context. EVERYTHING you wrote is rehashed, semi-abstract dribble.
(2)Your choice in music... you used a really great song. You used a song that most people would listen to alone, without graphics of any kind. Without the song, nobody would even get two lines into your "poem."
(3)Graphics. THERE ARE NONE. You spent 2 minutes creating a "hill" with a linear gradient, made a sun with a radial gradient, made a HORRID silhouette, and chose a hideous font. Garbage.
How you placed so high, I will never know.


Your work powerful and straight from the heart. I really enjoyed it.

Very good

I like the fact that you didn't use graphics to much. I like the story it tells. It is so true to many people in this world. The truth can be painful some times. GOOD WORK