Reviews for "King of fighters-wing 0.9"


its a good game epic super finishers too

twistedlord4 responds:

Yea i would say the same.


I love it. It's just I didn't notice a tutorial thing and was just wondering if you could add one. I might of just overlooked it but anyways, if I did please tell me. I figured out most of it though.

Anyways, great job and I faved it. 5/5 10/10

Orochi,Kula and Moryia

You forgot Orochi,Kula and Moryia,but the game is still cool.


A actually like this version better than the later versions. It's not quite as well-balanced or quite as well-polished, but there's a few things I like about this version:

1. The moves list is built into the game, rather than being a list on a website that doesn't even exist anymore.

2. I like the music in this one better.

3. Being able to choose between Attack and Defend modes, rather than it simply alternating.

4. The special moves

5. I don't have to go to a separate website to play the full version. What was the creator thinking with that move?!?! The whole demo/full scheme is only useful if you're SELLING your game!

6. You get to choose your fighting background

In every other aspect, the newer versions are better, but these are the reasons I play this version instead of the newer ones.

twistedlord4 responds:

I see... Thanks for the wonderful review! Yea I feel the same..

i really like it

compress the newest versions file then submit it or ask tom too extend your memory limit for uploading

twistedlord4 responds:

Thanks i appreciate it