Reviews for "King of fighters-wing 0.9"

nice game

woooot I actualy won a round versus computer!
nice grafiks and stuff!

twistedlord4 responds:

Thank you!

Orochi,Kula and Moryia

You forgot Orochi,Kula and Moryia,but the game is still cool.

i really like it

compress the newest versions file then submit it or ask tom too extend your memory limit for uploading

twistedlord4 responds:

Thanks i appreciate it


I love it. It's just I didn't notice a tutorial thing and was just wondering if you could add one. I might of just overlooked it but anyways, if I did please tell me. I figured out most of it though.

Anyways, great job and I faved it. 5/5 10/10


Well done!! Very good copy of the kof games!! More characters and stages and this will become better than some MUGEN projects!!!

P.S. Difficulty level of CPU is too high!

twistedlord4 responds:

Thanks its a pleasure. But remember i just download this type of game to get it.