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Reviews for "Customize an M4"


Mine turned out looking like an MP5.... You should have labeled the items like the guy below me said. And maybe have a pic that people could go after. Other than that, it was pretty cool :)

Some common things missing

It had many outlandish things, but also lacked some things on commonn M4s. There was a PEQ-2 side mounted. I have a PEQ-15 top mounted. I have a rail system, but nothing on my sides, I didnt see that option buildable. Also, I think it would be really cool if you popped up the name of whatever the mouse was hovering over. But I did appreciate a lot of the detail put into this. Although, to be honest, the M4 is a piece of crap.

I have n idea

If you redo this (or do similar one) you should put the parts in labeled areas.

Not much there

But what is there isn't bad.
Lots of parts to choose from, and the music is nice too.
I made my M4 into a silenced, laser-sighted, sniper grenade launcher, which was also designed for close range work too.
I know its insane, but that's what I wanted!

Outstanding work!

You incorporate my love for weapons and guns with my love of dress up games. This has become a favorite of mine! I think, though, that you should add categories to the parts. I often got pieces confused and I ended up placing a scope for the barrel :(.

Otherwise 5/5!\