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Reviews for "Customize an M4"


i love this sample of CAG4 but um
between you and me
are you almost done with CAG4 yet?
i made an M4 shotgun thingy
awesome game
i love tiz game
PS i like pie

desertthunder responds:

I <3 pie too!

Judging from this sample...

Create a Gun V4 is going to kick ass. Good luck with the game, although from what I've seen, you'll hardly need it.

Keep up the good work.

Ahhhh M4s....

?I hear m4s are the barbies for men now a days....
Screw getting barbie a shoe im getting my barbie a lazer sight and a scope xD

great game but like the others said give parts labels and ypur set xD


I made a Sniper with a grenade launcher and a ammo can lol might put a laser site too. Like all the others said its really good but could be much better.


1. i love guns. 2. I love music.
3. The parts should be label. 4.If the part could all clip together it would be better
5. Need a lot of improvement.