Reviews for "Eddsworld Vs Cahj"


its very true eddsworld is better then cahj or sumthing also i go to there site and i subscribe them on youtube beacue they are so awesome

Lazyfeet responds:

Well, obviously haha. He's 21 and goes to an animation university. I'm 14 and I'm completely self taught.

:D Tah for the 10 though.

lol nice

i have no idea who Cahj is but i love eddsworld and i like it

Lazyfeet responds:

Well, now you know, right? :D

your mother!

hahahaha awesome, I had so much fun watching this (:

Lazyfeet responds:

I'm glad :)

thumb wrestle :D

awesomely smooth
awesome facial expressions
horrible music


my favorite flash on the internet!!!!!!