Reviews for "Eddsworld Vs Cahj"

rather funny

i though that the entire animation including all of the battle scenes were pretty funny
the animation and art styles seemed to mirror that of Edd's world and the music fit well too. (the "Haruka Kanata" at the beginning was pretty funny to me)
all things considered it was a well made animation.

Lazyfeet responds:

Thanks a lot. Yeah, I noticed I've slightly ripped the whole idea of Eddsworld, so this is just a little bit of a personal piss take ;)

EddsWorld FTW

EddsWorld always win!

Lazyfeet responds:

I know :'(

I thought I'd be lynched if CAHJ won. Hehe.


you've been f**king bored or WHAT!? ^^
this is just so damn great - it's a flash for fans and fiends of edd AND cahj. ;)

you just keep going and going, always coming with new ideas...
and i love it!!

one last thing: THIS - IS - EPIC!! :D

Lazyfeet responds:

Probably nicest review yet. Haha.

And I think there may just be a teeny bit more Eddsworld fans than CAHJ fans. Just a little... haha


Its good!

i liked it alot, the fact that u face each other is funny!

Lazyfeet responds:

Haha :) Thank choo


Interesting as usual :D

Lazyfeet responds:

Why thank you :}