Reviews for "Eddsworld Vs Cahj"


very funny
u used family force 5 which is a win anyway!!!!

Lazyfeet responds:

Love that band.

In a sexual way.

amazingly boring

Hands down, the worst fighting cartoon i've ever seen.
It was too slow, the animations weren't that good, and it got dull pretty fast.
However i loved the final fantasy battle style part.

Can't rate higher than this, sorry.

Lazyfeet responds:

fair enough :o


forgot to comment on this earlier lol :3

Lazyfeet responds:

you got scouted! hip hip hooray :D


you may not relise it but you have made fun of every bit of japesnnes cultre,and i thank ypu for it

Lazyfeet responds:

Uh oh, what have I done!? :D


Edd will alwas win

Lazyfeet responds:

Kicks my ass anyday :D