Reviews for "Eddsworld Vs Cahj"

had potential

look, it just wasn't what it could have been. It could have been funny and violent like Chris and Harry, but the quality wasn't there. you should improve on the sound levels, maybe back off on all the SFX and possibly have a more concrete stroy as to WHY they're all fighting.

lol wut

fk u naruto lover music dont fit animation voices sucked the rest was fine

also who in the hell are CAHJ

Lazyfeet responds:

it's only the second episode. I can't help that.

Not bad, but...

... who the fuck are the CAHJ? (You know, it would be more fun to watch this if I actually know who Eddsworld are fighting with!)
And I think the music was pretty bad, and didn't fit anyway.

Lazyfeet responds:

Read the description. It's only the second episode.


dude the song dosnt fit, the animation was...well ok, but dude tord hasnt been on eddsworld for almost a year now, and if anything u would expect tord to kill someone first i mean he is weapon ubsessed. but anyways i guess it was a good flash...

Lazyfeet responds:

I didn't know about Tords weapons :(

This comment is not meant to attack you.

Personally, I would like to ask why you chose this song. A Naruto song?
Sorry, but doesn't fit it at all.
The animation was decent, yet I just cannot see the daily 2nd spirit in it.

Saying that, I probably wouldn't survive making this, get bored and leave the .fla somewhere in the pc, so still I appreciate the work. Keep it up, try improving the drawing style in a unique way, I suppose. Drawings attract people alot. xD

Lazyfeet responds:

I was parodying Japanese anime with my goofy cartoon characters.

I see where you're coming from :) My drawing style definitely needs developing. It's falling into a far too similar pattern to other artists.