Reviews for "Terminal 1 2 3"

You incorporated the vocals well! I liked the instruments and the bass-y intro as well. You had a lot of nice melodies in there, too. The one at 1:09 really stood out to me. All the transitions were so smooth, too, and I can just imagine the old-fashioned video game perfectly! You really put an image in my head, DuttonsaysHi, which is great! Awesome song! Love the energy and upbeat melodies! You, sir, have a bright future as a videogame composer! :D

DuttonsaysHi responds:

Oh wow! Thank you SO much for the kind words man! I'm really happy you enjoyed it! Seeing such nice feedback really brightens my day :).

I also love it when listeners get a sense of immersion or their own vision from my music. The fact that I base the title around what the music paints for me is just awesome that it does that for others as well :D

Thanks a bunch man!

this is some sick shit Dutton, nice rhythm, beat, bass... and great melodic synths!!!

DuttonsaysHi responds:

Thank you! I do try :3

Hey that's a really cool concept you have there and I love the retro bass especially. May I ask what you used to make it?
Good work!

DuttonsaysHi responds:

Thanks man! and the basses are 2 different sega bass sound fonts, slightly separated from each other. layered with a custom slap bass sound with the maelstrom synthesizer in reason. Thanks again :)

i like this song. yes, yes i do. i do. yes indeed i do. i actually do. did i? i guess so. i might have enjoyed this, but did i like it? hmm.. i suppose.... its FUCKING nice, OK!? me likey. me likey very much. rea also my other coment on skybreaker...... i asked a few questions there

Reminds me alot of Waterflame's work. Great job!