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Reviews for "The Company of Myself"

I really loved this game ... Fantastic job.

What can be said about a video game that actually makes an individual feel something? So many games these days are about bigger sounds, bigger action, more "stuff". But minimalism, coupled with interesting gameplay and a story that allows the player to connect to it... those are the things that, in the end, make a game more than just good, but allow it to find a certain greatness.

This is one of those games. It utilizes the mechanics of its gameplay to tell and further develop the story. The gameplay isn't separate from the story, but an integral part. The set up allows the player to truly "experience" the game. The way its told, and the way it unfolds, allow the player to connect with the emotions of the character. The music is melodious, and sweet, and so true. I really loved this game. I wish that more games like this were developed.

I haven't said much of actual mechanics of the game, or the story, or anything. And I don't want to. Playing it without knowing anything, and letting it all unfold without a spoiler is the best way to play. Fantastic job. I would love to see more games like this in the future.


Dude that seriously was an amazing game, the physics and the puzzles were intense. The ending almost made me cry, like is that how people cope? You've done good man.


This game. I cannot describe. Graphics weren't super high quality(Not a Problem to me) And the music was nice, and I would prefer to be able to start from any level rather than the beginning each time, and lastly, it was a bit short(second playthrough, less than 10 minutes) But hell, who could give a damn? The story was nice, and the ending was so unexpected, but it was so well crafted in turning his story into a platformer. I loved it, I hope I see more games like it. definitely a favorite of mine now.

I loved this game.

The game itself was relatively short, but the story I thought was quite moving. It did make me think a little about Braid and how the loss of a loved one can damage someone. The gameplay was pretty cool and the ending was something I didn't quite expect. Which is a good thing, because I wouldn't know how to end it. But I feel alot of people could relate to the story somehow in some way. The ideas in here definitely reflected real life events. Great Job. I loved your game.


this is one of the most well executed, mind blowing , addictive games ive ever played, it can push your brain to the limit, with excellent background story, very well done!!