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Reviews for "The Company of Myself"

Good Effects

Loved the smoke you disappeared in when you reset.

really good. but difficult

extremely good game, really good storyline, but i got stuck on the level with the huge gap. maybe add a walkthrough or a link to one.
also, i liked the story part with the girl. i think you should make a prequel or something to go with the storyline. overall, one of the best games i have played on this site so far.


Kinda sad, but fun and interesting, the levels were definitely challenging, the last 2 were...annoying, but they were also my favorite. I hope to see more, or something similar in the future.

Solid Game!

This game reminded me of Braid, but a lot easier... which is good, because Braid was way to hard for me. I enjoyed this game a lot better.

This is absolutely amazing!

This game is incredible. It obviously took an imense amount of though and work. The graphics are perfect for it too.