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Reviews for "The Company of Myself"

Great Game

Awesome new riff on the replay mechanic! I especially loved that you tied it to the cooperative platformer (a la Lost Vikings) mechanics. Lost Vikings was a big inspiration to Chronotron as well. I played through the whole thing in one sitting and really enjoyed it! Excellent storyline too. Forcing the player to sacrifice the woman in the flashback was inspired!

This is the best game I have played on Newgrounds

This game has a story to tell, has incredibly devised levels, has great music, good graphics...everything you could ask for in a game, and more. I congratulate you. Please, make more games like this one.

So Original!

I don't believe I've ever played a game like this. I love the mood set by the music, it really captures the story you want to tell through this.

im amazed

i have a concentration problem but this kept me bizzy for a long time, thx mate.
pls make more, this is a very creative game. 5/5 10/10


i really like this game!! and besides that the name really fits it well!! like accompanying yourself using yourself!! and i really like the various or odd story about it.. 5/5 10/10