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Reviews for "The Company of Myself"

Whats this retard doin?! Oh wait... thats me.

The last level is actually pretty easy, seeing as you get a never ending supply of shadows. Just keep on jumping out there crazily. Eventually you'll land on enough of them to get across. It just takes time and a little luck. Love these "play with yourself" games. I mean I get pissed at my co-op partners on online games all the time and this sorta swings that pendulum back the other way. Jack sure is one sick fuck.


For the last level, think lemmings :P

*sniff sniff*

i smell front page.

although i agree that last level is nearly impossible

Touchin story indeed!

I kinda felt responsable for her death as well!
Great Game, it could have been longer though.

I think i beat it.....

is the last level impossible (with the huge gap and no way to cross it?) PLEASE TELL ME, this is keeping me up!
otherwise great game