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Reviews for "The Company of Myself"

Amazing game

First of all, I dinĀ“t like the 10x cursor or chronotron. But for some really weird reason, I enjoyed this one, even if it was probably the same concept. The music, story, graphics, everything just fine.
The last level was just fun, after a few tries I just forgot to think about a tactic there and just gone like crazy - run - jump - bounce - run. :D It was resembling a body shower... literally .}



I loved it, it had an interesting story, the gameplay was fun (though not too overly puzzling.The music felt very suited to the game. Just excelent. No real areas that need improvement. Keep up the good work.

To those having problems with the last level, it realy isn't that hard, you have infinitie you's and you can jump off of the other you's heads. Think about it.

Great Game

Great Game, loads of fun. The trick to the last level is to make like a liquid wall of ghosts by repeating running, sometimes hesitating, and jumping off the edge. Then you can ride their momentum.


It's almost like 'Braid', cool :)

Good game!

To beat the last level, i just spammed about 100 clones doing different things and i managed to hop across.