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Reviews for "The Company of Myself"

very creative

I really liked the game itself, and the last level had me puzzled until I jumped after one of my alts whom i had fallen with and tried to make it to the end of the stage. The idea of setting everything up for you to get through, and that you didn't make it only so the alt you are controlling at the time could reach it i really liked. the force fields were creative as well. Hope to see more in the future!! (i liked the music as well)

Superb and Touching

I really enjoyed playing this, must be futured.

a little sad =p

its was a little sad neer the end =p but i like


I don't know why, but "Braid" is written all over it.. Not literally, of course, but so much in this game reminds me of Braid! Awesome :)

Amazing game

First of all, I dinĀ“t like the 10x cursor or chronotron. But for some really weird reason, I enjoyed this one, even if it was probably the same concept. The music, story, graphics, everything just fine.
The last level was just fun, after a few tries I just forgot to think about a tactic there and just gone like crazy - run - jump - bounce - run. :D It was resembling a body shower... literally .}