Reviews for "The Company of Myself"

Oh my god.

That was...depressing. Like seriously. It makes you wonder.


The music, the hermit, the puzzles..im not sure i can decide which is more awesome. The atmosphere and the way the hermit thinks is touching. This game might not be flashy and full of fancy graphics,, but a work of this caliber is very rare. I applaud you.

i want to be the hermit's friend

it so sad but the game is very cool

nice ending.

the ending was pretty sad... made me feel sorry for him..

the last level was funny though.. i was just like.. right.. time to spam suicidal bombers..

very good game

it was a very interesting game to play, though it would be nice to be able to kill off the hermit and continue with Katherine for an alternate ending

the storyline was impressive and well built, and the last level took me a while to figure out (if i even did it right, it seemed to chaotic to be the right answer)

all in all i think this game defenitly deserved new game of the week.

10/10 5/5