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Reviews for "The Company of Myself"

Love the Game

Loved how you follow some ones guilt for being the reason he lost her... Music was great how it set the mood... and i like how the story progressed as you kept getting further in the game

nice but found one problem

This truly is a nice game to play, the music is a pleasure to listen to and the puzzles are pretty chalenging but i've found a problem, if you click of the game and click back on you can't move at allan it's the same if you pause the game to adjust the volume.

This is

such a fantastic and great game, i will give it a 12! 10 points on newgrounds and 2 points in my heart! I love it!!!


Wow. This game is amazingly beautiful in so many ways.


Simply amazing! This game reminds me so much of Braid (which was one of my fav puzzle games). I cannot wait for more...make MOAR!!!