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Reviews for "Follow Your Dreams"

Well done

The story could move a little more quickly, but the terrible faux morel is enjoyable to watch play out. I like the character and setting designs. You used large eyes for great exagerated emotion.

you know what?

I liked this video. I dunno it wasn't spectacular in any one department but pretty damn good in most.


Good movie, I like the part at the end where he dies at... *GASP* 27!!! Big conspiracy...

Pretty damn good!

This is a funny short. It's well produced and the animation is decent. It's got a few flaws, but overall this short is well done.

My first recommendation to you is to add a little bit more in-betweening. You're pretty good at covering up that your characters occasionally just jump from one key pose to the next, but there are a few points where your animation would definitely benefit from a little more time and effort. It's far more problematic at the beginning of the short, particularly in the faces of the father and son where occasionally they will just jump from one face to the next with few, if any frames in between.

Some of your in-betweens are running at too low a frame rate as well. The biggest offender is when the drunk is waving his arms at the child, and it looks incredibly choppy. A little bit of tweening or just turning the arm on the frame between will make things more fluid.

As a side note: in the shot mentioned above, the drunk's head is on a higher layer than his arms. This makes it look as though somehow his arms are waving behind his head but in front of his body. Moving the arms to a higher layer than the head really wouldn't take you too much time and would look far less sloppy.

Lastly, some of your backgrounds are a bit bland, particularly the ones where the camera is pulled out. A little extra detail can go a long way. Specifically, I'd point to the bar scene, where the father is storming towards his son. The environment is rather bland, and a little bit of punching up would not only make it far more interesting, but it would push home your point a little further. There's a dartboard in the background, but maybe you could add some pictures of sad, drunk looking people or famous alcoholics or something. Advertisements for cheap beer and other skeevy adornments on the wall would really push home how gross this bar is. You could add some cracks to the walls, or some mice or something. Maybe you could add a passed out guy in the corner, or a broken window. Things like that can make a big difference.

But overall this is a well animated short. The timing is good, the writing is original and most importantly, it's funny. Good luck on your next cartoon.

So Stupid, It Was Pure Genius

I loved it. That's the truth man! Follow your dream!