Reviews for "Madness Combat 5.5"


Nothing short of epic once again. Very nice work!


This is some really great stuff. It was a cool idea to see two protaganists team up for a change. I liked how you went back to start to tell well the two came from. It didn't tell too much but it looks you'll make more with these protagonists before you end the series.

The action like always is creative, brutal, and versitile. Your always coming up with something fancy. Mad props. It also seems like you're only getting better. Both of the protagonist's were cool and as they slowly got their "accessories" you they showed lots of personality. The small nabs of humor placed were appriciated. All the fights were above average but the best part is when you turned off the music and then it went into an all out epic brawl. The sound quality and graphics were good like always and it was interesting to see the Tricky again.

In summation I enjoyed this flash a lot. I would pick this over Aggregation anyday. It kind of ended ubruptly, but I know I can expect more goodness soon. Keep doing what you do, but would it kill you to just make the story clear for once? :)


This shit just gets more random, more violent, more mad! I love it! I about died laughing at the part where Tricky goes "HOW COME THIS DOES NOT WORK??!?" Seriously random. XD


2 player madness
dubble the fun.
I like the way you make the guy's we thought were dead have there own madness moments :D + the dry sence of humor here and there :D

5 outa 5 man.. keep up the good work.


Krinkels is a master of his craft and he delivers time and time again.