Reviews for "Madness Combat 5.5"

ITS STANFORD and the other i dont know his name

The Madness series of animation is one of the best I've ever seen. A great mix of story and action.

Note: The first time an ATP Engineer (Agent Mk1) appears in madness.

It is very nice this episode got made and the ".5" episodes were started - they give more room to some cannon action and story, ties it all together, fills some lot holes.

Action wise this was one of the bleakest Madness episodes. No particularly cool action moment, well the one where Sanford gives Deimos a jump boost and he jumps overhead two agents and kill them is the most memorable one, but it does not compares to other episodes.

Still this is entertaining Madness Combat and deserves 5 stars. It is a long movie about two guys killing many and is fun. Most other madness episodes deserve 6 stars out of 5 or more. But within the 5 star rating system this gets the maximum score too.

What a champs!