Reviews for "Madness Combat 5.5"


this is really good

the madness is back! :D

and the feling i used to get when i was watching madness 2 for the first time is back as well :D making the story of Sanford and Deimos was a gr8 move, nuff said


great work with that! the story line is cool too.i noticed the runtime a lil slow but i did have the settings on high. in all 5/5 10/10 just cause i love madness!!!!!

Funny and Awesome

The series keeps on getting better. Good backstory for Sanford and Deimos, it really explains a lot. Cant wait for Madness Combat 10!!

Amazing Madness there.

This episode of cooperation between them both makes this movie better.But it would be more satisfying on why would they fight in this episode.But i still give 10 stars to this one keep it up ^-^