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Reviews for "Jumper Stick"


Im fricking obsessed with stickfigures beating the crap out of othe stick figures wit swords.

Same old song and dance.

I'v seen this scenario before. random tandom stick fight. red guy comes in no reason other than to kick butt.
The hes say's "Hey look weeklings!" kills them with ease cause there 70 percent blood 6 % brains. 24% hot gas. So anyway he kills them all and gets to the boss. Music stops and switches to a more "Intense" song.
Then they fight. he's abviously more powerful then his henchmen.
They fight and then the Boss pulls a trick out his sleave. he multiplies. and for some reason his clownes are easier to kill then ever.
they fight and fight then the hero wins, and then the hero leaves.
(story 4/10)
But that was just the story...
Here is my analization on the animation.

Very little animation at the beggining. I can see you had a hecka joy ride with the blur function considering that was about 30% percent of the hole flash.
NOw the thing realy drove me mad was that the one sword was more had more color and treatment then hole background and other characters combined.
Yet what keeps me from giving you two for a conforming stick flash and the fact that you got the idea for it from the movie Jumper.
But the animation wich you allowed was smooth and in some other cases ruff but it was still good enughf for a 4/10



yes, yes it wuz..


OMGOMG OMG THAT IS AWESOME but please tell me that he didnt die


That red stck are a killer.