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Reviews for "Jumper Stick"

To soft.

the animation was great, but I didn't feel the intecatiy a stick fight should have, it felt like they were slapping each other around. try to make the screen shack for heavy hitting attacks, or have the screen move haster when he disapears from sight.

anthoer thing, when the stick men were fighting, you seemed to have limited your self to useing maybe one or two to interact with the main character, expand on that, use ALL the stick me, have them all move aroun,d even if they dont see him, have them look around because they hear something weird going on.

and show more blood, a stick flash should always have lots of blood ;)


That was one of the best stickfighting flashes ive seen.
The blur effect was outstanding.
The idea of the "Jumper" also made it much more intense.

Deja Vu

Very cool, but its also very familiar. I have seen plenty of random stick figure battles with swords and cool flips before this. Not very original but still rather cool, I guess. I found second battle to be rather cool and the fact that the stick figures had comments is always fun, but yet again, i feel that i have seen this kind of thing somewhere else


dude that was kick ass but i wanna know were he got the sword from p.s keep em coming

Dont listen to doondeka

Man this is the best animation i've seen in a long time and belive me I have seen alot on newgroudns and thi sis undoubtly the best stick figure animation/movie that I have seen