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Reviews for "Jumper Stick"

Inspiration, huh?

Throughout the movie I kept recognizing moves, effects and even music from the other stickfights. It's okay to like good animation, but the thing that made Shock and Yoyo vs FLLFFL so popular is style. Unique style is worth the time and effort definitely. You're fine with compilation, now try and create.

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stick man time

always like a good stick fight... reminded me a bit of bleach ^_^


pree dope man good work 10/10

Hmm. not as good as expected..

Now this criticism is shall not to be biasedly rated.

But you do need to pt more efforts in it.
I did like your idea, reminding me of one of the stickman animator legend Terkoiz's SHOCK. However I did expected for it to be more fluid in motion.

However, trying your own version of SHOCK is a good try. It may not be finished in a day. And payoff should be good.

But some of your setbacks were the not enough fluid motion, lack of special effects, and dynamic viewing.

And one more thnig, I find the stickman, a bit too fat?


I must say I am very impressed I already watched this on Fluianims, but I didn't know you made this lol xD
jumping movements, but there should be times in the movie where there is ridiculously lots of jumping.
Anyway, am glad to see Shock and PR inspired you to do this. =]
You should make another but take all your time to make it, Terkoiz toke 3 months.
And work on your walking movements and some of the fighting points but it was really good at the end.