Reviews for "Armed Prophet"


I really enjoyed this game! Its quite balanced and the weapons are awesome. The only thing that i would change is the fact that a strong melee attack takes energy.

to me its a funny game ...

i like this game itts so funny and the music fits really good :3

its really a great game i cant complain :p

Every action movie ever made-

Packed into a bite size side scrolling beat em' up, I don't care if people say it's simple, or if they dislike it, I really enjoyed it, It could use a few things like a combo system, but I'm sure making/programing/designing a game ((even a flash game)) isn't that easy. This game was pretty funny with it's 'manlier than the manliest man' feel to the character and with the 'real man' game setting. All around it was decent if you want a fun beat em' up game to kill ten minutes of time. If there's a part two, however, you should toss in a hit meter and some special moves. Other than that, good job.


awsome nothing bad to say about it


The Crowbar is the #1 best blunt to have in a zombie apocalypse. Not only can you beat the shit out of zombies but you can also use it to break into shit.