Reviews for "Armed Prophet"

Good but.

I had a problem with him not stopping while going forward, making it kind of hard to attack at times and making him walking into zombies, etc. The graphics were great and the music over all was very suiting. Also I love how you uses a crow bar. But the controls were very unforgiving and unfriendly. Also there should have been at least 1 more level. Game was good over all though.

Professional production!

Very good production. I love the music and the overall feel of the game!

Classical beat em up action.

Here are some suggestions, though:

1) I miss trashing objects such as cars Cadillacs and Dinosaurs style!
2) If the character could have some sort of running button or charge (double dash) it would give 2x more beating to those freaks!
3) More weapon drops, more areas in each stage and maybe sub-bosses.
4) And more kinds of freaks to shoot down with that laser ultra attack :)

So, keep improving it. Great start!

I love drinking beer and breaking down spines!

Great game

just needs some more levels.

Frustrating, clunky but good.

You have an 8 because the game is very frustrating. The medals are kinda hard to get, so why bother putting them in? The game mechanics remind me of Dad & Me, and that's a good thing, but the combat was very edgy and kinda glitchy, so I couldn't enjoy it fully.

it was fun but...

I thought the beggining scene was great. but soon several things seem to fall short. I relized there was no end. the levels seemed rediculously hard, I only found the crowbar useful, and overall, during the area 51 level the health of the flying saucers seemed to change, on one saucer I could destroy it in one hit while on another It could take 6 hits before going down (six being modest) and overall, the main character reminded me of brutal legend. This game is good but not as good as your other stuff.