Reviews for "Armed Prophet"

fun game

its very fun just a little to hard to beat lol

Nice and easy.

Just have to take you're time on some parts. Got the alien boss glitched on the chair and he couldn't move, easiest kill.

Have a drink.

Down at the crow bar.

one word.. BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Great looking graphics, awesome music, hilarious content and... A game that's ridiculously hard even on the easy setting. The first three are negated by the last one and make me so frustrated I completely forget about most of them. The enemies can "cheat" and slip past the barrier I can't go trough, and then get me from behind.

At some point it became impossible for me to evade attacks coming from only two zombies/robots/aliens, because they kept punching the second I got up.

Then, the flying saucers owned me because they kept spamming that egg move, and jumping while I had 3 other scumbags on me proved to be more difficult than I had originally imagined.

In the robot zone, I wasn't too worried and had little trouble. That is, until I scrolled trough the screen a few times and I was getting spammed with multiple flames from both sides at the same time.

Granted, you can make them hit each other but all of this is not something for a novice.

Making the game a bit easier in the first scenario or at least introducing a tutorial of some sort would have made my gaming experience a whole lot better, and judging from the many comments I read this must be truth.

I will give this a 6 purely for aesthetic reasons.