Reviews for "Armed Prophet"

lol alrighty then this was fun!

My First Time playing This Game,it is Epic N' Awesome!!!

game is good for brains

this game could be better because here is a problem that you seething swarm should fix first your attacks have lots of reach but no vertical range so when im slicing into thin air the enemies get behind me and attack me and that happens every time so evventualli i die still good game but fix problem above then i would give at least 4.5 stars

An excellent 5 star game. Music, artwork, levels everything is well made and with lots of cliches and humor. Just don't expect to finish the game in first try, it's one of those old shool games, where you actually have to try and play well. Rushing into fights is punished by almost instantaneous death.

For those of you who are having trouble getting through the levels, here are some TIPS:
- You can move and attack while you jump. So use jump attack. A lot. Seriously.
- You don't have much vertical reach, but neither do your opponents. Most attacks can be evaded just by moving up a little.
- use standing full attack just in 1v1 situations, You can easily get flanked if you stand in a spot too long.
- don't rush. The game doesn't time you. If you can't get into a good position run around a little, until mobs move.
- Drag along as much junk as you can. Skulls, tires, helmets, chairs, it's all fair game. Doesn't hurst you and if you push them around you get a few extra hits sometimes.

- The easiest in my opinion. Just swing at them.
- When it gets too crowdy jump around and get into position where they come from only one direction. Repeat as neccecary.
- Try to destroy the ranged ones first. Then you can take your time bashing the braind of melees
- After he raises his arms he will slam and send a shockwave. Start moving up/down before he does that and evade.
- Hit at his arms. Come too close and he will grab you and slam you into the ground 3 times for a ton of damage. Thrown junk (skull and tire) is especially useful here.
- At 50% health, when he jumps, just evade.
- Used weapon: CROWBAR. Zombies are only problematic in large groups, where crowbar works best. Can fry the boss for a ton of damage.

- Similair buggers, use tactics from above.
- When facing flying saucers, try to attack them first and run around even more. Ground units following you will get hit by the egg thingies and you won't even need to fight them.
- You get less food in this level than with zombies, so save your health even more (diagonal jump attacks work best)
Boss: ZOMG, fairly predictable:
- Basic attack is three spear thrusts. Lots of damage, but only need to move a little up/down to evade.
- if he wiggles his spear in your direction - move. He spins and can hit you even if you stand above/below him. Stay just slightly out of range and when he gets fatigued, run in for a few free hits.
-At 50% health, if he lies down, evade up/down. He fires laser laser breath weapon thing.
- Easiest boss imho.
- Weapon used - CROWBAR

- The most unpredictable and dangerous bunch. Spiky hats and flamethrowers are problematic, but cause decent friendly fire.
- When you meet a group of flamers or spikes, don't even fight. Move diagonally up/down and attack while in the air. Robots will hit their buddies often. When a few die, move in to kill the rest.
- Hug him. Move in as close as possible.
- Fist attack is when his eyes start to glow. He fires a laser that sweeps the area in a cone BELOW him, so just move slightly higher than he is (perfectly left or right works too, but is riskier).
- He can stretch his arms and spin some blades. Move right on the spot where he is and then just a little up or down. He can't hit you there.
- At 50% he moves up and drops a few explosive mini robots. Have alienator equipped and charged. Fry his ass. If you did everything correctly, he should be pretty much dead.
- Tap yourself on the shoulder and feel proud for beating a computer game, when you could be outside in the real world doing something productive.