Reviews for "REWIND"

haha loved hiting nelly

if you youtube lynchpin yer more likely to find results for the song "lynchpin" by fear factory there pretty sick but kindda weird <typed this while the preloader was still up feel kindda stupid now, lol, loved the video dude, i hate rap so ya killing the rappers and such was pretty kool

Lol funny...

I love the scene with Hitler!

Fukin great

I didn't see steven hawking before I rewound it the second time

LaughedMyAssOff at combo's 30 & 43, but no doubt that preloader was badass

I didn't recognize that vampire and weight lifting he she thing though

BadBoyMcCoy responds:

Ha ha thanks, I think my favourite is combo 21


i would of liked to of seen chuck norris do a round house kick

More WTFery from the same guy who did Library Part

Yup the words "What the Fuck" is all for this review pretty much.

BadBoyMcCoy responds:

more coming soon matey ;)