Reviews for "Check Please"

Really nice

When I understood what it was about,I was like "wow,that's some serious cartoon here".But let me tell you this,English is not my native language and I would highly appreciate if next time you can make the sound crystal clear.I know it is difficult for the file size,but if you want to give a message,do it the best way you can.

Other than that great campaign against HBP


I almost gave up hope and loaded another flash when I saw the AHA logo, but much to my surprise, that both funny and clever in fairly liberal doses. The constant terrible pick-up lines were right on target, too. And though I wouldn't really be able to define what it is, you have captured the "creepy vibe" phenomenon to a turn. 5/5, 10/10.


I like it!! The animations very good and the voice actings better than I thought it was going to be ^^


That really funny hehehe...........

i heart tha heart

very funny, and i like cartoons witha message