Reviews for "Check Please"


Nice i like the fact it keeps player for 15 secs after the fact its finished and yeah it is a good way to get your point across.

American Heart Association, huh...

That's pretty neat, you doing a flash ad for them... It's indeed very creative, funny, and perfectly intended for all audiences... I'd say it's not educational but motivational for people to be aware of the risks. Well Done!


Good way to get info across.

good job :)

i think this was a great job props to you dude and btw it was funnha


lol nice job. awesome drawings and a persistent annoying to the characters, likable to us main character. plus its putting out a healthy message, you've done it all here really. good jokes, "this guy knows what i'm talking bout" lol.. good voice acting, good animation. jokes reminded me (in my opinion, dont pitchfork me for it) of sorta a family guy type thing. real clever.