Reviews for "Check Please"

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I could not help but notice how the guy looked like a heart that was being choked, due to this purple heart color (Purple Heart!). I really enjoyed the animation and it was very suitable for the atmosphere. I was not at all expecting it to turn into that at the end, but it was nice how you are raising awareness of these things. There were some funny lines, especially the "you can call later" bit. I can certainly imagine that this is something that would ruin your night. He looks like an overweight middle aged guy.

Eric and Stacy...

That was my favorite part.Along with everything else.I love how you actually managed to make a funny PSA.LOL!Sory,I needed an exclamation mark.
@SergioSPAIN,this isn't a game.I think you clicked the wrong flash there,buddy.

Public Service Announcements Are Funny

Why isn't this on Front Page yet?


Haha "lettuce to keep it healthy"
hilarious flash, and I like the message :D

Great game

Great game, entertaining and difficult in some parts. I completed it in 5 minutes, and found it cool.

For those of you wondering what is the code of the safe... just look at the room. a clock pointing midnight/midday. The sun/moon is important too...

If by this time you haven't guessed the code, it's simple.
Midday (sun): 1215
Midnight (moon): 0015
Not that hard, people.