Reviews for "Bloons Tower Defense 4"

Best TD game eva!

I no it sucks having to unlock the ranks but it HAS SOO MANI UPGRADEZ!


i beat the whole thing!

No more love...

In the other games, it felt like you played a game and had fun. This one feels like I was working on it, and not in the good way. I feel like BTD4 sold out and all the love is gone.

i agree

its an amazing game except for the fact that u have to buy stuff with real money -+

Not too bad.

Its a great game. But because alot of the Good upgrades need to be purchased using Real money? it loses alot of points. and it doesnt make any sence paying for a game you cant play against other people with. their for the part where you really gotta pay for the decent upgrades really makes it a put off for alot of game players.