Reviews for "Animal Overkill"


maybe add sound effects and a boss fight. Maybe you could reuse the engine for another game and really expand on it. Anyway it was silly and pretty fun.

Havegum responds:

Well, i didn't think of reusing the engine. but you just gave me a great idea!


I think that there's many things you could have done to improve the game. You could have added other enemies to the game instead of just bunnies and bears. Maybe wolf or bird, shit like that. You could have also picked another gun you could get, like a machine gun, or rockets, shit like that. Overall a decent game that could use some improvement.


Fun and entertaining but i got tired of it pretty easily


Very well made simple game. Good art, and no visible bugs. But I have to agree with "mavegum," the music doesn't git the game. Unless of course it was for comedic effect. And to combat what "BrigadierD" said... Why kill the animals? Because they are trying to kill YOU. Obviously haha.

A very well produced simple flash game to kill some time. (And some animals) Well done.

Oh, btw, the difficulty curve may be a little too great.

Havegum responds:

Thank you for an honest and good review!
I'll deal with mavegum later ... (mwahahaha!)


Great enough.

There are no big plot here and thats ok, but i miss some upgrades and levels. since the contest is over you can fix it :D