Reviews for "Animal Overkill"

WTF is this

i'm sorry but this is just a waste of time theres no story to it and your just killing animals with two guns. your either really stupid or way to bored to play this, and on top of that are you some odd serial killer because who in there right mind would just make a game about someone in the forest killing a bunch of animals

Havegum responds:

did you lose?


maybe add sound effects and a boss fight. Maybe you could reuse the engine for another game and really expand on it. Anyway it was silly and pretty fun.

Havegum responds:

Well, i didn't think of reusing the engine. but you just gave me a great idea!

(See below)

Very simple controls and gameplay, not much that hasn't been done before...

P.S. There's text in the loading screen =o Fail

Havegum responds:

Added only for newgrounds!


You met the criteria of the competition but there is no reason to play this game. how about a score, levels, power ups. the guy is to slow after a while as well.


it's a bit boring
3/5 5/10