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Reviews for "Origin"

Can't Stop.. Listening!!!!!!! I feel another 5 hour looping trip coming on!

Geoplex responds:

Glad you enjoyed ^.^

So lovely <3

Geoplex responds:

Aw, thanks :D

How in gods name did I miss this.....I'm just now hearing it for the first time since you posted it! I've been on Newgrounds since I can remember and I've never heard anything like this before, if I was to die tonight I would die happy knowing that something as beautiful as this has sailed through my ears.....like the same feeling as love my heart spills with emotion. If only I could kiss you. 5/5 <3Geoplex<3
P.S. before I hit "Submit" i noticed Zalaidreh's post I think were on the same page :D

Geoplex responds:

Well don't kiss me, I'm quite sick at the moment :P

I highly appreciate you and others that take the time to share your thoughts on my music, because other than simply having people hear it, it's the reason I make it. So I'm very grateful for the feedback.

Thanks, once again! :3

Can I use it for one of my videos ?

Geoplex responds:

Go ahead, just provide credit :)

Still a pretty good soundtrack to this day!!!