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Reviews for "Origin"

Wow your work is fabulous! I wish I had found your stuff sooner.
Just wondering, (you probably get this a lot, sorry :/) but what software do you use?

Geoplex responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

My DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is FL Studio 8, and I'm using Nexus 2/Massive in this song.

This track is so neat man! I love it! I'm wondering why I never wrote a review for this song, since this is the song that made me a fan of you and I've put this somewhere hidden in my favorite songs list! Really, sometimes I take a look back into my favorite songs list on NG, just because I'm bored or I have to do something for school and I need music... :)
The thing that made this song so damn complete was the pad sound, I think it's a preset from nexus, I'm not sure, but you can tell me what you've used for it, because you made it hehe x)
5/5, still favorited :)

Geoplex responds:

Haha, I think it might be from nexus. I can synthesize some basic stuff but I really can't do pads unfortunately, and Nexus just has some really nice sounds. I used two pads, one was "Chillpad 1," the other being "Calm Down."

Appreciate the review! :3

Oh man, This is so relaxing!
I could listen to it for hours and never even realize it.
Great Job.

Geoplex responds:

Thanks, i appreciate it :P

you make what i've been trying for years, this is top stuff, not any less than the best liquid DnB artists (blackmill is my favorite if you are in need for inspiration:P) 5/5

Geoplex responds:

Thanks, I appreciate that. I'll check that out if i get the time.

Really like it, sounds kind of how I'd like to at some parts. A very immersive track, and my favourite by you so far. Some of the instruments feel a little slight, but it still gets 5/5 overall.

Geoplex responds:

Cool, thanks!