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Reviews for "Origin"

Dude... you are just awesome, what can i say. How you get inspired for this, in my mind i create awesome music, with tunes and stuff all new. But i don't know how to transform that to real music... and this is yours THIRD Song that fits.... just so perfect in my brain. Music talks to me, or at least, that's what I feel. It doesn't matter what kind of music is, it always talks to me, make me imagine, scenarios of dancing, fighting, talking, kissing. And stuff like that. Is it even normal that a little tear suddenly appears rolling down my cheeks?... Solar Rain, Ocean of Stars and Origin (OoS more than the others) are three blessed songs... (At least for me hahaha). Keep this job, and please, never quite of doing such amazing tunes. The 5 stars are just not enough for songs like this. Just Awesome.

Pd: Awesome
Pd2: Awesome Again
Pd3: Amazing and all that stuff

Geoplex responds:

Unsure of how to react to this, gratitude aside. I nearly abandoned this song about a minute in, so every response it's gotten has been interesting to me - but especially yours. I'm very thankful that you can get so engrossed in my work, that's why I make it after all :P

I'm personally not a fan at all of Ocean of Stars unfortunately, it felt and still feels like a re-hash of everything I've done before - but I don't know, really.

Thanks again, I appreciate the feedback!

Bass = high frequency or low frequency?

Anywyas Low Bass was appreciated. My knowledge in music is minimal so I can't explain further what part of the song I liked. It's pretty much everything, I odn't have anything specific to point out other then Trance is nice and I beleive has always it's place.

Geoplex responds:

Bass is always low frequency.

This isn't trance.

Thanks though.

Wow your work is fabulous! I wish I had found your stuff sooner.
Just wondering, (you probably get this a lot, sorry :/) but what software do you use?

Geoplex responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

My DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is FL Studio 8, and I'm using Nexus 2/Massive in this song.

This track is so neat man! I love it! I'm wondering why I never wrote a review for this song, since this is the song that made me a fan of you and I've put this somewhere hidden in my favorite songs list! Really, sometimes I take a look back into my favorite songs list on NG, just because I'm bored or I have to do something for school and I need music... :)
The thing that made this song so damn complete was the pad sound, I think it's a preset from nexus, I'm not sure, but you can tell me what you've used for it, because you made it hehe x)
5/5, still favorited :)

Geoplex responds:

Haha, I think it might be from nexus. I can synthesize some basic stuff but I really can't do pads unfortunately, and Nexus just has some really nice sounds. I used two pads, one was "Chillpad 1," the other being "Calm Down."

Appreciate the review! :3

Oh man, This is so relaxing!
I could listen to it for hours and never even realize it.
Great Job.

Geoplex responds:

Thanks, i appreciate it :P