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Reviews for "Origin"

This is just beautiful, I need more.

Geoplex responds:

thanks :D - i may be redoing this song sometime :3

I would agree with Grimreaper67. Your music, in my opinion, is very atmospheric, especially when you listen it through earphones at a decently high volume and let your mind wander off. The music surrounds you and draws you into a world portrayed by that music. You can think of it like video game music or music in movies; it adds a certain mood to a scene, making the viewer even more drawn into the scene. This element, I believe, makes your DnB songs really enjoyable (I pretty much have all your DnB songs on my iPod). In this case, Origin has a feeling of chill yet sprinkled with some energy from your way of doing DnB. This nature itself is unique and paints an interesting picture (relative to the listener) that one is drawn into because it is unique. For instance, I can imagine this song being associated with one doing a parkour course and maintaining that smooth and constant flow of jumping from platform to platform, kind of like Mirror's Edge (just realized this also applies to Jetstream, which btw is probably my all time fav). I feel that the DnB element you put into your songs combined with, in this case, the atmospheric effects to make this song relaxing, makes this song a really good listen.

That is my theory. Anyways, continue to make very awesome music!

Geoplex responds:

Thanks for the kind words :D

Two fun facts - I'm relatively certain someone used Origin in a parkour video a while back, and I'm working on some extremely atmospheric chillstep as we speak. Woooooooooooooooooooo

OMG, just one note struck me as an amazing beat. Woooo... Love a good beat, just enjoying it and making me feel little inspirational. You know how to really set a mood with your songs good sir, and I got to say it's amazing and I do not lie. You know how to capture something in your music, like a place and its in the moment.

It's hard to describe, but it's just a feeling of like a good moment and it's like I'm trapped in the moment with your music. Most music gives me that rhythm that gets me jazzed up, but this pure music is something different. It really captures a mood, and sets you on a wave of that pure joyfulness that you get from something good.

I'm going on way too much here, and I sound a little over glorified now. Also I feel like this feedback is way too outdated for hearing, but I might as well say it. Anyways, it's a pleasure listening to your music man. Keep it up man, and let the music play.

Geoplex responds:

Thanks! I always appreciate feedback, even if it's on something older. It does seem (by popular opinion) that I did something weirdly right with origin, but I honestly have no idea what :P Maybe i'll stumble on it again someday.

Can I use it for one of my videos ?

Geoplex responds:

Go ahead, just provide credit :)

How in gods name did I miss this.....I'm just now hearing it for the first time since you posted it! I've been on Newgrounds since I can remember and I've never heard anything like this before, if I was to die tonight I would die happy knowing that something as beautiful as this has sailed through my ears.....like the same feeling as love my heart spills with emotion. If only I could kiss you. 5/5 <3Geoplex<3
P.S. before I hit "Submit" i noticed Zalaidreh's post I think were on the same page :D

Geoplex responds:

Well don't kiss me, I'm quite sick at the moment :P

I highly appreciate you and others that take the time to share your thoughts on my music, because other than simply having people hear it, it's the reason I make it. So I'm very grateful for the feedback.

Thanks, once again! :3